Sexual abuse is any form of sexual behavior that is unwanted, unwelcome, and undesired. It is everywhere, the church, children’s youth groups, workplace environments, Hollywood, and can even happen when you have a private meeting with your accountant. Sexual abuse is in the news as well as in the quiet, unwanted sexual encounter with someone you thought you could trust. When this trust is betrayed with unwanted sexual abuse, it is devastating. You are left hurt, confused, and in most cases, afraid to tell anyone what has happened to you.

Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm understands how horrible the crime of sexual abuse is, and the long-lasting psychological effects this causes to victims. If you have been sexually abused, you must realize, you are not alone. There is an act of sexual abuse in America every ninety-two seconds, and Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm wants to help you seek the justice and compensation you deserve if you’re suffering from this heinous act. Sexual abuse by an accountant leaves you extremely vulnerable, and you need someone on your side to help you through this difficult time.

When Sexually Abused by an Accountant

As a client, you expect certain behavior from your accountant. They need to have great organizational skills and hold a certain degree of precision. Professional accountants should have a keen eye for detail and exceptional practical knowledge. Being an accountant means one not only deals with numbers, but they must deal with clients also.

Accountants should have a strong orientation toward meeting their client’s requirements; they have to understand the industry the person works in, as well as knowing the client in detail. Having this personal information on their clients perhaps gives them too much insight into the client’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It can make the client become prey to an accountant with illegal sexual desires.

An accountant knows your weaknesses and will know when you are at your most vulnerable point, especially if you have any financial concerns. This time in your life can leave you open to an accountant using his influence and perhaps his power over how your financial situation can suffer or benefit if you agree to sexual favors. This type of ‘favor’ would translate into sexual assault or abuse, and it is a crime. Contact the Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm if you’ve suffered from this excessive use of power and have felt you had to provide sexual favors in lieu of your accountant’s financial services.

Professional Sexual Abuse by an Accountant

When a person in a professional field of work, such as an accountant, performs a pattern of conduct where they abuse, violate, or take advantage of a client, it is considered professional abuse. This form of abuse involves a violation of a professional organization’s code of ethics. Organizational standards or ethics require a professional maintain professional boundaries and treat their clients or patients with dignity and respect.

Professional abuse can be in a number of forms. This abuse can include; financial, discriminatory, psychological, and sexual. Professional abuse can be performed in three ways:

  • Nonfeasance
    • This means the professional chooses to ignore their client or patient and take no action that would be deemed reasonably necessary. This lack of action is considered neglect.
  • Misfeasance
    • Misfeasance is taking inappropriate action or giving incorrect client advice intentionally.
  • Malfeasance
    • Malfeasance is a hostile and aggressive action taken by a professional to injure their client’s interest. Sexual abuse would fall under malfeasance.

Any form of professional abuse involves exploitation and betrayal. This abuse violates professional boundaries. Professional sexual misconduct is often defined as the ‘overt or covert expression of romantic or erotic feelings, thoughts, or gestures done by a professional toward their client.’ This conduct can be considered sexual if the client reasonably construes it as sexual. Sexual assault, abuse, or misconduct can include but is not limited to, spanking, sexual innuendoes or suggestions, nudity, or unwanted kissing.

There are signs to watch for when you have frequent dealings with your accountant. Certain behaviors can often be an indication or warning sign that a sexual boundary may be getting violated: 

  • During your meeting, the accountant begins to disclose inappropriate self-disclosure about themselves.
  • Your appointments start to get longer, or they start scheduling your appointment times at the end of the workday or shift.
  • There is a request to change your meeting place, such as meeting at a bar or restaurant instead of the office.
  • An offer is made to include alcohol into your meetings or perhaps even drugs.
  • They begin making suggestive or seductive statements during your meetings.
  • They begin to intrude into your personal time at home with phone calls that are not completely business-related.
  • They start to focus on your sexuality.
  • Requests are made for inappropriate physical contact.

If you notice any of these signs with your accountant, you should stop using their service immediately. If they are employed with a firm, you should report this behavior as it is the beginning of a serious and dangerous behavior.

What to do if Sexually Abused by an Accountant

Professional conduct is taken very seriously. People who enter a professional field are expected to conduct themselves under a strict code of ethics. When someone, such as your accountant, violates this code, there are several strategies you can take to address their professional and sexual abuse. Your first step would be to contact Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm. We completely understand the code a professional is expected to follow as well as the personal injury laws that protect you from sexual abuse. We will guide you through the necessary steps of addressing this professional’s violations.

If you are subject to professional sexual abuse, you can pursue a number of different actions: report the abuse to the police, lodge a complaint with the company your accountant works for, and contact Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm to take legal action.

When you go to an accountant, you are seeking the help of a professional. Seeking the help of a professional means, you should have a level of expectancy in their behavior. You should not have to worry about sexual misconduct; you should be able to rely on them to treat you with respect. When this trust is violated, you are entitled to file a lawsuit and seek justice against this individual.

Sexual abuse and harassment are behaviors that can include:

  • Invasion of your privacy
  • Sex orientated jokes
  • Obscene comments or gestures
  • Showing graphic images
  • Sexual emails or text messages that are not encouraged or welcome
  • Sexual bribery

Accountants have the information in their hands to use as power leverage to request sexual favors. Having this personal information about you can give them a sense of entitlement that you will do anything to keep the information private and to help you through what could be a difficult financial issue. This type of power play, or sexual abuse, is a crime. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm will help seek justice against this professional abuse and get you the compensation you deserve for having suffered any physical or emotional traumas.

Signs and Symptoms of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is when someone forces any unwanted sexual experience with the intention of displaying power. An accountant has a lot of control over you by knowing your vulnerabilities. A dishonest accountant would know how to use their knowledge to force you into unwanted sexual acts. These are signs other survivors have reported that occurred in their unwanted sexual encounters that you might recognize:

  • Unwelcome touching of the private areas, or unwanted touching in general
  • Forced sex- rape
  • Being forced to perform sexual acts with a threat of action if you do not comply
  • Refusal to use contraception or protection during a sexual act
  • Taking advantage of you while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or any other form of incapacitation
  • Emotional manipulation by threatening action or threatening not to do an action unless you perform sex

These heinous actions are sexual abuse, and they are illegal. Anyone who has suffered this type of abuse has the legal right to file a lawsuit. When a person you trust, such as your accountant, breaks your trust and commits an act of sexual abuse, it is difficult to come forward. An accountant is typically a person who has gained the respect and trust of others in your community, and you may fear that no one will believe this crime has happened. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm understands the difficulty involved with charging a well-known public figure of a crime. We will stand behind you and support you through this legal battle to help you show this person is not the trusted professional they portray.

Why it is Difficult to Come Forward After Accountant Sexual Abuse

In a study conducted on sexual abuse, it is estimated there are 12,000 allegations of sexual abuse reported every year, with women accounting for 83 percent of those reports. This number is only the tip of the iceberg in relation to how many cases there should be reported. The study found that three out of four people who suffer sexual abuse, never come forward or tell anyone in authority about the abuse. Many victims say they avoid their harasser, downplay the seriousness of the actions, ignore or attempt to forget the incident, and some even stated they ‘just endured the act.’

It is natural for victims of sexual abuse to delay disclosing their trauma, and some never do, especially when it involves a professional who has earned the respect and trust of the public, such as an accountant. There are a number of reasons a victim of sexual abuse by their accountant, or by anyone, feels they cannot come forward to report this crime:

  • Shame

One of the biggest reasons a person doesn't come forward after a sexual abuse incident is they feel shame. Shame is an intense emotional wound a person experiences when they are sexually violated. This emotion is also a natural reaction when a person is abused or violated because this act is humiliating and dehumanizing.

A sense of shame also causes a victim to blame themselves for the conduct of the perpetrator. Sexual abuse and assault are a humiliating experience, and when it occurs from someone you've trusted and you know others' trust, it can be even more difficult to deal with emotionally than if it happened from a stranger. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm understands how traumatic this situation is and is here for you to help you heal and seek the justice you deserve.

  • Denial

When a person becomes overwhelmed by shame, it often leads them to deny and minimize the crime ever happened. A lot of victims refuse to believe a person they trusted could possibly have harmed them in this manner. They try to downplay how much the abuse actually hurt them and try to convince themselves, 'it wasn't a big deal.'

Victims of sexual abuse can experience self-doubt, and this will lead them to self-blame, and then hopelessness and depression. Some victims even try to convince themselves they are the only victim. It isn't until they come forward and press charges for the abuse do they realize the perpetrator has actually harmed others. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm wants to help you through this and help you bring your abuser to court and make them accountable for their actions. Only by voicing your abuse will there be a stop to this abuser harming any others.

  • Fear

Fear of repercussions is a big obstacle for sexual abuse victims to overcome. If your accountant has sexually abused you, they may be holding financial repercussions over your head. They have access to a lot of personal financial information that they could threaten you with unless sexual favors are performed. This is a heinous crime for a professional to commit, and Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm wants to help you bring this criminal to justice. We can ensure there are no repercussions for bringing your abuser to court to face the consequences of your injuries.

  • Low Self-Esteem

Sexual abuse wounds a person's self-esteem. When self-esteem is lowered, a person begins to think that what happened to them isn't serious. Because they don't respect or value themselves or their own integrity, they downplay it when someone hurts them. Sexual abuse wounds not only your self-esteem but your self-concept and sense of self. These self wounds make sexual abuse even more heinous and are a huge price to pay for 'going along' with sexual exploitation.

If your accountant sexually abuses you, they are not only taking control of your body; they are taking away your integrity. Stop Sexual Abuse Attorney wants to help you restore your self-worth and self-esteem by making your abuser accountable for their actions. We are ready to help you through this challenging time and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve for suffering through this crime. 

  • Feeling Hopelessness

Studies have proven that when a victim cannot see their way out of an abusive situation, they will develop a sense of hopelessness. This sense of hopelessness can contribute to them giving up and not trying to escape the abuse or to seek help. Some victims feel this sense of hopelessness as they feel they will not be believed, or their reputation will be ruined. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm will never doubt you and will work diligently to bring your abuser to justice and ensure you receive both the justice and compensation you deserve.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse, especially one who’s been betrayed by a professional such as an accountant, it is important to know you are not alone. Sexual abuse is a crime, and your abuser can be taken to court and made to take responsibility for their actions. The courts will enforce consequences, so your abuser makes restitution to you and is unable to continue their pattern of abuse.

Myths Surrounding Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse happens more often than people think. These are some myths surrounding sexual abuse regarding when, how, and why they happen:

  • Myth

Sexual abuse is done by strangers.

  • Truth

Eight out of ten sexual abuse cases are committed by someone the victim knows on a personal level.

  • Myth

If I had been wearing something different, the assault wouldn’t have happened.

  • Truth

How a person looks is seldom the reason behind a sexual assault, and it doesn’t matter what you wear, it is not considered an invitation. Consent is the only way a sexual act is not illegal or is not abuse.

  • Myth

Only a woman can be sexually abused.

  • Truth

A man can experience sexual abuse just as a woman can encounter this trauma. One out of ten sexual assault cases has men as a victim. 

Legal Recourse when Sexually Abused by an Accountant

Sexual assault or abuse covers a lot of different behaviors performed by an accountant or anyone else who commits this horrible crime. It is your legal right to take your abuser to civil court under California law. Stop Sexual Abuse Attorney will sit down with you and discuss your options and the possible penalties and convictions that can arise from finding your abuser guilty in court.

A sex crime in California occurs anytime there is unwanted touching of a body part, including the buttocks, anus, breasts, groin, or genitals. Any contact with these areas of your body and the circumstances involved when the contact occurred define whether it was a crime or not. If you are meeting with your accountant and they accidentally brush your breast while handing paperwork between the two of you, this is not considered a sex crime. If, however, they purposely reach out to grope your breast, you can then potentially pursue charges for sexual abuse.

Sexual assault covers a wide array of criminal sexual acts. These acts include unwanted and forced touching, such as groping another's personal areas through their clothing or kissing. If you are a victim of sexual abuse and live in California, you have the right to file a claim for compensation for any injuries. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm will help you file a claim in civil court, and you could be entitled to:

  • Coverage for your medical expenses
  • Restitution of any lost wages or for loss of future earning potentials
  • Compensation for your pain and suffering, including your emotional or mental trauma
  • Any additional expenses you’ve incurred related to your injuries

How Long Do You Have to File a Sexual Abuse Charge?

The current law in California allows you up to ten years to file a claim for sexual abuse, or within three years of the reasonable discovery of the abuse. In January 2020, adult survivors of sexual abuse that occurred when they were children were given until they reach the age of 40, or within five years from when the abuse was discovered to file a claim charging their abusers. The new legislation states, in a case where a child becomes a victim of sexual abuse as the result of an effort that intended to cover up past assaults, the survivor is now entitled to treble damages. The new law also allows for victims who may have previously been denied the ability to seek justice against an abuser due to time limitations, are now given three years to revive their claim.

You have the right under California law to pursue a civil claim without legal representation, but this choice could put your case at risk. Stop Sexual Abuse Attorney knows the laws of California and how sensitive sexual abuse claims can become. Trying to navigate through the justice system after such a traumatic experience may not be the best choice. Personal injury attorneys understand the court system and the legalities involved with a sexual abuse charge.  We will help you through this difficult time with the compassion and dignity you deserve to find the justice you deserve.

Where Can I Find Help for Accountant Sexual Abuse Near Me?

If you have been using the services of an accountant and they have begun to assert their power over you and engaged in sexual abuse, contact Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm. We understand how professionals often abuse their influence over victims to force them to engage in sexual favors. This behavior is a crime, and we are ready to help you file charges on your abuser to seek justice and compensation for you. Call us today at 310- 359- 9451, and let us start putting together a case for you that will help you on the road to recovery for this traumatic ordeal.