Stop Sexual Abuse and How We Can Help

Over the years, the attorneys at the Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm have delivered superior representation to victims of sexual abuse in California. We are zealous advocates who will stop at nothing to hold your abuser accountable and force them to pay for their wrongdoing. We know how tragic and terrifying any form of sexual misconduct is. We are here to help you overcome the suffering no matter how long ago the abuse occurred. Our goal is to empower the voice that has been silent for so long and to maximize the chances of prevailing in your case.

Our firm has decades of experience representing those who have been sexually abused. We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients who –through no fault of their own- have had to endure the pain and mental anguish of sexual abuse. Whether the abuse was committed by a teacher, clergy, doctor, Boy Scout leader, attorney, film producer, or just any other person, we will take your case and fight for you until justice is served.

We are trauma-informed and know that victims and their families often find themselves in an extremely difficult situation after an abuse. We are a compassionate team of attorneys who work with other professionals on your case and in ending sexual abuse. We treat our clients with respect and the utmost discretion. While we can never truly understand the pain and suffering you’ve had to endure, we can listen, hear you, and provide you the support and vindication you need to heal. We fight for you, your future, and for justice.

Whether your child has chosen to speak the truth or you’re an adult survivor of sexual abuse contact the Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm today at 310-359-9451 to learn more about our services.

Why Choose Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm?

Our California sexual abuse attorneys understand that making a claim for restitution from your abuser can be a crushing experience. As such, we always prepare strong cases and fight relentlessly for what is best for our clients. We also understand that filing a sexual abuse lawsuit can seem like another violation of your life, privacy, and that of your family. You need an attorney who knows how to win and how to build a case that is thorough, effective, and as minimally invasive to you as possible.

We understand that your story is yours to tell, and that’s why our attorneys are sensitive and discrete to your needs. Your comfort is important to us, and we strive to ensure that you work with an attorney who makes you feel secure in a discreet and non-judgmental setting. We also work with psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors to ensure that the required information can be obtained in a lawful manner that respects you and your need for privacy.

The Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm can help you get the justice you deserve by ensuring that we file your claim in a timely manner, provide enough evidence to prove misconduct, and demand restitution for the damages.

Premier Legal Representation for Sexual Abuse Victims

At Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm, we know what it takes to prevail in civil lawsuits against powerful and resourceful institutions. Our legal team has years of experience, petitioning high-profile and complex sexual abuse cases. We’re not just another run-of-the-mill law firm that also handles other personal injury cases. We’re a civil litigation boutique that’s 100% focused on representing victims of sexual abuse in California.

Our litigation expertise focuses on a course that we feel deeply connected to on a personal level- putting an end to the sexual abuse epidemic in the country.  We make sure that survivors of sexual abuse access the same aggressive and exhaustive representation received by large institutions and high-profile perpetrators. We’ve helped many clients recover compensation from their abusers, and in the process, we’ve been able to drive changes at institutions that will help protect our people from any form of sexual abuse.

We Are Committed to Each Case We Pursue

At Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm, our attorneys are deeply committed to helping the residents of California pursue justice. We believe in our clients and handle each case uniquely and with a strong commitment to achieving the best possible outcome. Serving clients throughout California, we represent victims in a variety of sexual abuse cases.

The Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm comprises of experienced and dedicated sexual abuse attorneys that remain committed to ensuring that each of our clients receives personalized attention. While courts will treat you as a case number, we treat you as a person who needs our support. As such, we pledge to make sure that:

  • We’ll never work for the accused or involved corporations
  • Every client has access to attorneys at all times- from the inception of the case through resolution
  • To keep you constantly updated on the progress of your case
  • To invest the necessary resources in your cases to maximize the chances of recovery
  • Never to work for physicians or corporations

Timeline for Filing a Sexual Abuse Civil Suit

In California, sexual abuse can be filed in a criminal court or a civil court. Criminal charges are strictly meant to punish the abusers for their actions. Moreover, while the abuser may pay high fines to the criminal courts, the money will not be used to compensate the victim. Criminal cases are focused on the accused rather than the victim. In a civil case, the claim will focus on the harm done to you rather than on the crime committed. A civil lawsuit will be all about you, your suffering, and the compensation you need to recover. The victim is entitled to file a civil lawsuit even if the perpetrator has been criminally charged or convicted.

The statute of limitations in a civil lawsuit differs from that of a criminal lawsuit. Generally, victims of sexual abuse in California have two years to file a civil lawsuit. For minors, the deadline starts to run at the age of majority and gives the victim up to 8 years to file a civil suit. California also provides for an extension of the time limit if the child sexual abuse was discovered after the expiry of the statute of limitations. In lawsuits against government entities, victims have six months to file an initial claim.

Seeking Damages and Compensation for Sex Abuse

Victims of sexual abuse in California can and should be compensated for every damage suffered during and after abuse. Sexual abuse claims often incorporate economic damages and non-economic damages (those that don’t have a monetary value but warrant compensation nonetheless). The pain and emotional damage can haunt you for decades. Getting compensated may not heal the invisible wounds but can help you cover your expenses and pay for the treatments you need while you’re handling the aftermath of the sexual assault. Common damages awarded in California sexual abuse claims include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • The cost of emotional therapy
  • Medical expenses related to the abuse
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Emotional distress

We will place a monetary value on all damages, including those that are intangible. Calculating non-economic damages can be difficult, but we have cutting-edge tools and formulas to work out the amount and maximize the amount.


As parents and caregivers, we do everything in our power to make sure that we place our children in safe environments. However, even with all we do, children remain at a high risk of becoming victims of sexual assault and molestation. Children are at a heightened risk of being sexually abused by a non-family member, particularly in environments where they remain outside the supervision of their parents or guardian. Some of the common places where children are sexually abused include school, day-care centers, foster care, medical facilities, boy scouts organization, and religious facilities.

Sexual predators usually choose jobs or careers that enable them to work with or close to children so as to select victims and groom them for assault.  The devastating consequences of childhood sexual abuse are severe. In addition to the physical harm, there’s enough evidence that the emotional and physiological trauma can last for years and even a lifetime.

California has mandatory reporting laws for child abuse. These are meant to protect children from abuse, avert further abuse, and provide help when needed. Individuals with a mandatory duty to report suspected child abuse include social workers, teachers, and their aides, custodians, and guardians, members of the clergy, public assistance workers, law enforcement officers, school employees, licensed health care service providers, and employees of residential care facilities and group homes. Unfortunately, suspected child abuse doesn’t always get reported even by mandatory reporters. Fortunately, victims of childhood sexual abuse can take legal action against their perpetrators as well as mandatory reporters for failing to inform the authorities about the abuse.

Finding out that your child has been hurt can make you feel angry and helpless. However, finding out that your child was abused or molested, especially when there were no signs of it, can make you feel like you’re suffocating. While we can’t do anything to undo the hurt, we can and will fight to make sure that your child has the best possible future. We also understand your primal urge for justice compounded with your parental desire to protect the privacy of your child.

Besides bringing the offender to book, your sexual abuse attorney from Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm will also focus on holding employers, property owners, and security companies accountable for their failure to protect the child. We will do everything in our power to get the justice and restitution you and your loved one deserves.

Few decisions are as difficult as entrusting the well-being of an elderly loved one to a professional caregiver or nursing home facility. Just like children, the elderly are at risk of being sexually abused. So, when you trust someone to look after your elderly family member, it can be devastating to learn that they have been sexually abused by the person you trusted to provide care and companionship.

In California, elderly sexual abuse is defined as any inappropriate and undesired sexual content against a person who is 60 years or older. This form of sexual assault inflicts harm when an elderly person is manipulated, tricked, or forced into unwanted sexual contact. This includes any form of sexual contact with an elderly person who is not in a position to communicate non-consent.

Sexual predators who abuse the elderly include live-in nurses, family members, home assistants, friends, or other health providers trusted to take good care of the elderly patient while he/she is alone. In most cases, a staff member is usually the perpetrator of sexual abuse in a nursing home. In other cases, the abuse is caused by another resident, especially when the victim is unable to communicate disapproval or non-consent or is too weak to resist.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse among the elderly is rarely understood or reported because many victims usually have serious medical conditions such as memory loss, confusion, and communication problems. However, even if the victims have difficulty communicating, here are some of the visible warning signs family members should look for:

  • Bruising and bleeding in the genital area
  • Unexplained blood stains on beddings or clothing
  • Depression and refusal to communicate
  • Bruising and handprints on the inner thighs, buttocks, and breasts
  • Presence of a sexually transmitted disease or infection in the genital area
  • Unusual fear and anxiety, particularly when a certain individual such as a suspected staff member is nearby

If you believe that your elderly loved one has been sexually abused, the attorneys at Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm can help. We stand ready to review your case, assess your options, and aggressively pursue the compensation your family deserves. We understand the need for privacy and the emotional turmoil caused by these situations. Our team has deep compassion, a high degree of sensitivity, and enthusiasm to the matters that must be addressed.

Migrants and low-wage workers share similar risk factors. Undocumented workers who can’t read or write or legal citizens who are not educated are often hired through a complex web or barely accountable subcontractors. They usually have to work in isolated locations where there are few people around. Such people are often battling poverty and willing to do everything to keep their jobs or at least get a better one. For this reason, they can easily become the perfect target for predators. When sexual advances and contacts come in, it becomes difficult to defend themselves because they want to keep their jobs. So, they deal with all the harassment and abuse. Sexual offenders often include supervisors, employers, or co-workers.

Regardless of a person’s status in society, sexual abuse against undocumented workers and low-wage workers is unconscionable and criminal. At Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm, we have been fighting for the rights of the adults and minors for years. We are committed to fighting for the rights of those who have been victimized by sexual predators. Everyone deserves justice and compensation for the pain and suffering at the hands of a sexual perpetrator. We’ll relentlessly pursue the best possible outcome in your case.


Religious leaders are supposed to offer us moral guidance and comfort. The betrayal cuts to the quick when one of them turns out to be a sexual predator. Sexual abuse in religious settings happens to people of all ages, genders, sexes, and religions. While many people associate clergy sexual abuse with the Catholic Church, there have been reports and cases involving virtually every faith and religion you can think of. This type of abuse can be perpetrated by Priests, Rabbi, Bishop, Archbishop, Caliph, Church Woman, Chaplin, Deacon, Nun, Minister, Elder, Imam, Pastor, Religious Teacher, and others who claim to be religious leaders.

There are many children and adults who have been sexually abused by members of the clergy, whether as a leader of a specific religious group in the work environment. To access their victims, perpetrators take advantage of their power and influence over religious followers. Acts of abuse may occur with a mentoring relationship, a counseling session, or in a childcare setting. The religious leaders manipulate their authority to abuse their victims and keep the incident a secret.

A sexual predator does not stop at one victim; he/she can abuse many others over a lifetime, especially when children are involved. Moreover, as horrible as the suffering of one victim is, when most religious institutions learn about a case involving sexual abuse, they work to protect their image or reputation. They take no action or try to cover up the case, allowing the perpetrator to commit more abuse. Some of the sexual predators are transferred to other related institutions with the hope that they will rehabilitate. This compounds the situation, and those who covered up the situation or concealed evidence also become liable.

It takes a great amount of courage to stand up to the atrocities done by someone we trust. Individuals who are sexually abused by their religious leaders often need extensive psychological counseling for years or even a lifetime. They have difficulty having loving adult relationships or making friendships. Many of them also end up leaving the religious organization they once loved. Filing a civil case can bring closure after years of inner turmoil. If you or a loved one has been a victim of clergy sexual abuse, it’s time to come out of the shadows and speak up. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Fir can investigate your case, determine possible legal remedies, and hold the abuser, religious officials, and religious organization itself accountable for the abuse.

There’s generally an unstated bond of trust between patients and their doctors. Patients often share their embarrassing and intimate concerns with their healthcare professionals and depend on their advice for the betterment of their health and well-being. Patients expect medical professionals to treat them with respect and adhere to the standards of medical care. However, given the advanced training of a healthcare professional and the vulnerability of a patient, many healthcare providers tend to exploit the power dynamic that exists. It is an atrocity when a medical professional exploits the trust received from a patient.

Patients who are sexually abused are usually in a vulnerable state of mind or body, are more likely to be ashamed of the physician’s sexual behavior, or are less likely to report the incident out of fear of being judged. When a healthcare provider engages in sexual misconduct in the course of treatment or examination, he/she fails to abide by the code of ethical guidelines. Unfortunately, many healthcare facilities tend to cover up for the sexual predator among its employees by either ignoring complaints or even tampering with evidence. For instance, they can help the perpetrator retain his/her position in the hospital or another facility or “accidentally” delete security footage that captured the incident.

At Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm, we represent adults and children who have been sexually abused by physicians and doctors, dentists, nurses, holistic healers, therapists and psychotherapists, and other medical professionals. We have the experience and resources to investigate and prosecute individual professionals and the involved medical facilities. We build strong cases and relentlessly fight for proper compensation. Moreover, if the case involved injury, the threat of violence, an administered substance, use of a deadly weapon, or kidnapping, we’ll ensure you get every dime for the pain and suffering you endured.

In most cases, sexual abuse is all about power, and many perpetrators are in a position of authority over their victims. While community leaders are caring, trustworthy people who want to give back to the community, there are many who see it as an ample opportunity to abuse their power and further an agenda of abuse, pain, and exploitation. Teachers, Boy Scout Leaders, Girl Scout Leaders, Social Workers, Landlords, and Property Managers, and Elected Leaders or Officials have a duty to provide a safe environment for those they serve. Community leaders have unquestioned, legal access to their victims, such as a teacher with a student or a landlord with a tenant. Using this relationship to his/her advantage, a sexual abuser in a position of power will then prey on the vulnerability of their victim.

If a person who is trusted by the community as a leader commits the heinous crime of sexual abuse, they must be held accountable for the actions. However, community leaders are usually employed by private or public organizations. These organizations have a duty to carefully screen potential employees before hiring. When sexual abuse occurs, the perpetrator is not the only responsible party. Employers who fail to act with due diligence when hiring employees, and after receiving complaints regarding the employee’s behavior, must be held accountable for their negligence. This is very crucial because the perpetrator may not have the money to compensate for the damages, especially if he/she is unable to work or is incarcerated.

Sexual abuse cases committed by community leaders can be difficult to litigate. In an effort to protect their public image, many institutions move to protect the defendant and conceal evidence of sexual abuse. At Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm, we want to bring these assailants to justice and hold the institutions that could have stopped the abuse from happening accountable for their inaction.

The law recognizes that some individuals in society hold a special position or trust. When you seek someone’s professional help, it means that you trust them to make decisions in your best interest. Sexual exploitation by a helping professional is a violation of your trust as well as the law. Sexual abuse by a professional includes any form of sexual conduct between a professional and an individual seeking or receiving a service, where the professional holds a great deal of power over the client.

There is a very low reporting rate for sexual abuse by helping professionals. In most cases, victims fear retaliation, are concerned no one will believe them or do not realize that they were sexually exploited until much later. You trust a professional to protect your interests and respect your boundaries at a time when you’re vulnerable and dependent on their expertise. Due to the nature of the relationship, sexual exploitation can feel like an act of betrayal, and such professionals should be held liable for their actions. Sexual exploitation by a helping professional is unethical and can be grounds for malpractice and loss of license in a licensed profession.

While we cannot undo what has already happened, we can force those responsible to recognize the harm and acknowledge the wrong they have committed through appropriate monetary compensation to the victim. We have significant experience handling cases involving sexual abuse by:

  • Attorneys
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Accountants and CPA’s
  • Bankers
  • Financial Planners
  • Trustors or Trust Officers (executor, trustee or administrator)

We’ll fight for you and make sure your voice is not silenced.

There have been several cases, and allegations of sexual abuse in Hollywood’s entertainment industry reported against individuals associated with this medium of cinema. These accusations go back to 1921 and have gained strength during the last decade as a result of the allegations against casting directors, actors, producers, and other related publicists.

In general, Americans have a hard time when their favorite celebrities have committed sex crimes. They are in our living rooms on a daily basis or once a week; we watch their press junkets; we read their interviews and follow them on social media. It’s easy to believe that we know them. This defines the tricks employed by sexual predators.  They’ll do everything to gain the trust of the public so that they can commit their sex crimes behind the scenes.

Sexual assault in the film industry is not limited to rape. It also includes the following:

  • Inappropriate touching, including groping, hugging, and kissing
  • Using alcohol or drugs to ensure a victim’s pliancy
  • Forcibly penetrating an individual with a foreign object
  • Making threats against a person if he/she doesn’t agree to engage in sexual acts

Cases of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault in the entertainment industry have one thing in common: the perpetrator is someone in power. While abusers may seek sexual gratification, their main interest is gaining power over a victim and maintaining that power to ensure his/her actions are not exposed. For actors, upcoming artists, PAs, stunt people, and others on a set, this exploitation of power is behind their fears. They worry that they could lose their job, will never find another job, or their reputation will be ruined.

At California sexual assault attorneys, we’ve commended every survivor who despite the intimidation, came out of the closet to speak the truth to power concerning sexual assault in the entertainment industry. We are proud to continue representing clients who’ve gathered the strength to stand up against their abusers and see justice done. At Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm, we fight on behalf of clients who have been victims of abuse or harassment in the TV, film, or music industry. It can be terrifying to fight on your own, especially when facing famous and resourceful defendants. Let us put our expertise and resources at work for you. We also value the privacy of our clients. We’ll keep your name out of the spotlight but should you speak publicly in a lawsuit; we want you to know that we’re not afraid to handle high-profile or high-conflict cases.

If your claim is denied, we will litigate your case against any health insurer countrywide.

We Are Here for You. Call Anytime for a Free and Confidential Consultation

At Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm, we understand that it can be difficult to discuss this topic. However, you shouldn’t feel guilty or allow it to bring you down. You deserve justice and compensation for the pain and mental trauma you have endured. We want to hear your story and give you a voice inside the courtroom. We help victims/survivors of sexual abuse throughout California. It is our passion, and we would love to work with you in protecting your rights. Call us at 310-359-9451 or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation with a California sexual abuse attorney. We’ll answer your questions and explore your options. We are here for you!