Children’s programs are out there to give our children a safe place to go and participate in activities that they will enjoy and learn from. When these programs become a place of danger for your children, you need to step forward and help protect them and their rights. If a church, school, or youth organization such as the Boy Scouts, breaks this trust with abusive or sexual behavior, they need to be held financially and legally responsible. 

Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm is here for you and your family if someone in your family is a victim of community leader sexual abuse. If your son has suffered at the hands of a trusted leader who has promised to care for and protect children, they deserve to pay compensation for their crimes. Let us help you and your son begin a healing process and let us help you make those responsible accountable for the abuse they’ve inflicted.

Boy Scout Sexual Abuse in America

The Los Angles Times and others have examined the Boy Scouts’ internal records that have revealed sexual abuse occurring in this organization for decades. Incidents are listed in these records relating to more than 12,000 child victims from more than 7,800 abusers. Some of the incidents listed in these records are found to date back as far as the 1940s. 

These numbers are most likely understated as to how many molesters have infiltrated the Boy Scouts over the years. A lot of the suspected offenders were accused of abusing more than one boy; in fact, many of them are suspected of abusing multiple boys. There is also the belief that there are more cases out there that have never been reported. According to the Boy Scouts, they have reported every case of sexual abuse to law enforcement agencies.

The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910, and since they have begun, they have been keeping secret files that document sexual abuse. The files have now been given the name of ‘Perversion Files,’ and inside of them are the names of alleged sexual predators who have been inside of the Boy Scouts. These files were kept from public eyes or views for decades as the Boy Scouts refused to disclose this blacklist.

It wasn’t until 2012 when investigators were finally granted permission to review these files. What they found to be typical procedure from 1970 through 1991 was the Boy Scouts of America asked the sexual abusers to leave the program or resign. They never reported the incidents to law enforcement agencies.

A system was created within the leadership of the Boy Scouts to maintain all their confidential files and to do whatever means it took to keep them from sight and never let the information be discovered. It became such a commonplace to ask sexual abusers to resign and leave the Boy Scouts; they even developed a form letter to send out to them.

The form letter sent out to these predators assured them if they quietly left the Boy Scouts, that no information would be released to anyone, and their standing in the community would not be affected. This outrageous reaction to such crimes only allowed the predators to continue their pattern of abuse to other innocent victims in communities across our country.

Within the Boy Scouts of America were sexual predators disguised as community leaders who took advantage of the innocence of children. They not only sexually abused these children, but they also involved them to partake in illegal activities. Leaders were reported to allow boys to drive cars before they were old enough to drive, to drink alcohol, and even had them partaking in viewing pornography. These illegal activities were often what they used to build the trust of the boys so they could lead them into sexual encounters.

Abusive Boy Scout Leaders sexually abused children in the most horrific ways. Their abuse included masturbation, fondling, and rape. These trusted community leaders broke the trust in the boys and those in the community in the worst possible way. What is even more tragic, is that most of these men were never reported, and were never held accountable for their crimes. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm intends never to allow this kind of injustice to occur again and will help your child find the justice he deserves.

New Law for Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Victims in California

In October of 2019, Governor Newsom signed a new law, Assembly Bill 218, that allows all survivors of childhood sexual abuse, a three-year window, no matter what age they are, to file a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse they have suffered. The Boy Scouts of America have threatened they are considering bankruptcy, which could significantly impact the window. It is imperative you contact Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm right away if your son has been a victim of sexual abuse by his Boy Scout Leader or anyone involved in the organization.

Legislation in Place to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

Local, state, and federal governments all have child abuse laws in place, and the federal government passed the CAPTA (The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act) in 1974. This act is the largest body of legislation in regard to the ethical, fair, and legal treatment of children. This act was created to keep children free from all forms of abuse, including emotional, psychological, physical, and sexual.

There are guidelines and standards provided by federal laws, but state laws govern most child abuse issues. All states have enacted protection laws for children covering neglect and abuse. Included in these laws is the mandated reporting of suspected abuse, and responding to child abuse and neglect.

The existing laws allowed victims of child sex abuse to file a lawsuit up to the age of 26, or three years from the time of discovery that they have suffered psychological injury from their abuse. The new law will raise the statute of limitations to the age of 40, or five years after discovery, along with the three-year window for any victim of any age to sue on previous expired claims. 

This new law enacted by Governor Newsom is a result of the avalanche of litigation aimed at institutions such as the Boy Scouts of America and the Roman Catholic Church. Other organizations also have high rates of sexual abuse incidents while not as high as the Church or Boy Scouts; others include foster care agencies, youth sports organizations, local school districts, and hospitals.

Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm urges anyone who has suffered this form of abuse to contact them and allow them to help you begin the healing process by seeking justice for this crime, which was inflicted upon you. We have extensive experience in these cases and want to help you heal the wound and get you the help you need and deserve.

Boy Scout Sexual Abuse in the News

An expert who has been working with victims of sexual abuse inflicted on them while they were part of the Boy Scouts of America organization reports more than 7,800 abusers are stored in the organization's secret files. These 7,800 plus abusers are responsible for inflicting sexual abuse on more than 12,200 victims according to records that have become part of the legal system and brought to the public's attention.

One of the experts testifying for a case brought before the court, reports she has been on private contract with the Boy Scouts of America organization. She has evaluated their sexual abuse records kept within the organization from 1944 through 2016. Working through what has become known as the 'perversion files,' she believes there are more than 7,800 perpetrators involved with the Boy Scouts who committed child sexual abuse.

These numbers were released during a news conference in August of 2019. Some of those perpetrators listed in the files are now facing legal repercussions. The figures released during this conference sounded an alarm across the country. While the existence of the database containing the abuse cases was not new, the scope of the abuse was shocking.

The information showing the Boy Scouts of America has and had for so many years kept this abuse secret is alarming. While the organization claims they have always reported every instance of suspected abuse to law enforcement, the files are showing they never released the names in any form that could alert the public. They never alerted the community that a scout leader, teacher, or any other community leader was known to be a child molester.

Boy Scouts of America is facing a growing wave of lawsuits, some of which are connected to decades-old allegations of child sexual abuse. They are being sued in multiple states by abuse victims, including those taking advantage of the new state laws allowing suits previously barred due to age of allegations.

One plaintiff, age 62 today, was abused in 1969 during a camping trip. He says it is nice to have the Boy Scouts account for lack of responsibility in providing him safety back then, and that they are now doing the right thing by admitting they wronged him. Lawsuits like his, are raising the possibility that the Boy Scouts may be staring at many millions of dollars in settlements or judgments. These legal actions may result in the organization filing for bankruptcy, just as some of the Roman Catholic dioceses have done against their litigation.

If the Boy Scouts of America file for bankruptcy, their accusers will have a limited window of opportunity to file claims. This threat of filing bankruptcy has lawyers racing against time to seek the deserved  compensation and justice for their clients. If you have been a victim of sexual abuse by your Boy Scout leader, contact Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm as soon as possible so we can work with you to file your case before bankruptcy is filed. 

These new legal avenues have opened doors for lawsuits like the 75-year-old man in Utah who was sexually abused when he was eleven-years-old. He held his secret for all these years and even became an alcoholic as he suffered through his emotional trauma. He also reports becoming addicted to drugs all because of the sexual abuse inflicted upon him by someone he trusted. It has not been easy for him with the thoughts of sexual abuse rolling through his head since he was a kid and is relieved he can now seek some form of justice.

The recent report of child sexual abuse brought to light in the past few years is creating a significant transformation in how victims of abuse and the public view some of what was considered 'trusted' institutions. The Boy Scouts of America have a goal of accepting their responsibility and to fairly compensate their victims. They hope that they are able to live up to their moral responsibility and regain some of the trust they held in the public eye for so many years. 

Who was Mandated to Report Boy Scout Sexual Abuse

Under the law, professionals and other individuals are mandatory reporters. This law means any who work closely with children in their profession are required under the law to report any suspected abuse of children to the authorities. 

After the high rate of sexual abuse was brought to the public's attention, the Boy Scouts of America are now implementing safeguards into their programs. They require mandatory youth protection training, banning their one-on-one interactions between youth and adults, performing mandatory background checks, as well as mandatory law enforcement reporting.

While all these new safeguards are necessary and may help reduce the number of new victims in the future for Boys Scouts of America, it does not help those who have already become victims in what was a trusted organization for our children. 

Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Breaks Trust

We send out children to community events believing they are going somewhere safe and will be involved with leaders from the community who only have our child's best interest in mind. Boy Scouts of America is an organization we have believed to contain some of the best mentors around who have knowledge and experience to share with our young boys to help them become better people. This institution for more than a hundred years vowed to teach our young boys good manners, a sense of right from wrong, and useful survival skills. For generations, the Boy Scouts have been central for being a good citizen. Some of our outstanding Presidents have listed their scouting credentials as proof of upstanding grounding. When these leaders break this trust and instead abuse our boys in some of the most horrific acts imaginable, justice needs to be demanded.

Sexual acts inflicted upon young children leave life-time scars and creates life-long symptoms, such as inability to trust, anxiety, and depression. Your son may battle these psychological issues throughout his entire life. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm understands the rules these organizations are supposed to follow to ensure your child is safe while in their care. We know how sexual abuse creates one of the most devasting events your son, and you will ever go through. Not only should the community leader posing as a Boy Scout Leader be held accountable, but other officials involved with Boy Scouts of America should also be held responsible for:

  • Failure to perform sufficient background checks on those they allowed to be leaders, employees, volunteers, or anyone having contact with the Boy Scouts
  • Failure to adequately supervise time spent with the Boy Scouts during any scheduled or unscheduled outings or meetings
  • Failing to investigate credible allegations or suspicious behavior for any of the leaders or those in contact with the Boy Scouts
  • Failing to properly train volunteers, leaders, employees or anyone coming into contact with the Boy Scouts on what is acceptable behavior and what to watch for in possible improper behavior
  • Failing to properly report sexual abuse allegations or train employees and volunteers on how to report improper conduct
  • Failing to have proper security measures in place to prevent criminal abuse and not protect the children

During numerous activities, including camping trips, the Boy Scouts of America has allowed their adult leaders to have sexual access to young boys. The damage to young boys under this ‘trusted’ supervision is tremendous and often unforeseen. Victims are now reporting they were ‘groomed’ for sexual abuse and were told it was part of their training to undergo sexual contacts. 

Not only is the perpetrator of your abuse, the one who can be targeted for a civil lawsuit, but the entire Boy Scouts of America organization also has the legal responsibility to accept accountability for the crimes against you. As a legal entity, the Boy Scouts of America has the legal obligation to take all steps reasonable to provide young boys with a safe environment and protect them against sexual abuse by adults under their supervision.

How to File a Claim for Boy Scout Sexual Abuse in California

With the new law put into place by Governor Newsome, you now have more time to pursue compensation and justice as a victim of child sexual abuse. California sex abuse survivors are now able to sue their abusers even if the statute of limitations made them ineligible previously. There is also a ‘lookback window’ in place to allow survivors whose cases expired under the previous statute of limitations. Talk to your attorney at Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm and discover your legal options for seeking the justice you deserve against your abusers. 

In the State of California, the 'lookback window' will begin on January 1, 2020, and will run through January 1, 2023. The Boy Scouts of America failed to protect innocent children and broke the trust of millions of parents who thought they were keeping their children safe by involving them with this organization. This organization needs to be held accountable for their negligence in protecting your safety. Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm is ready to help you through this legal process and understands the difficulty it will cause you emotionally.

If you were sexually abused as a Boy Scout, even if it was years ago when you were a child, or if you have a child now who has been abused, you need to contact Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm. We understand the plight of victims suffering from this tragic abuse and know how the Boy Scouts of America have exploited and groomed their victims. We are ready to begin a thorough investigation into your case and collect the evidence needed to build a valid case for your defense. Your information will be handled with utmost confidentiality, and we will work to secure you the most favorable settlement possible. Most of the civil lawsuits being filed against the Boy Scouts of America are including compensatory damages for pain and suffering, mental trauma, physical harm, and even punitive damages.

You are not alone in your battle to seek the justice you deserve against the Boy Scouts of America. We understand how there is an added sense of guilt in these cases when you have to fight an organization that preaches 'loyalty' as one of its core values. The predators hiding within the Boy Scouts relied on your innocence to believe in this value and to keep you from speaking out against his crimes. You do not have to be silent any longer. Join the thousands that are standing up for their rights, finding justice for themselves, and making their abusers accountable for their crimes.

Where Do I Find Help For Boy Scout Sexual Abuse Near Me?

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to step forward in sexual abuse cases, and Stop Sexual Abuse Law Firm understands your hesitation. Call us today at 310-359-9451, and we will help you or a loved one through this difficult time. Sexual abuse is a serious crime, and your abuser deserves to be held accountable for the suffering they have inflicted on you. With the new legislation, we are able to help you receive the justice due to you even if abuse occurred when you were a child. Call us today, and we will find discuss all your legal options for the best possible outcome for compensation.